Compliant production

Thanks to close collaboration between the manufacturers in Excellence United, you can be confident that all of the elements in a plant will satisfy strict GMP rules and FDA requirements over the entire machine life cycle. Our specialists in validation and qualification ensure that the documentation is complete and correct. It covers everything from design qualification and risk analyses on essential process steps through to factory and site acceptance tests including the subsequent installation and operational qualification. Machines only go into production once all of the test protocols have produced the required results.

A strategic partner for the future

If the equipment or system needs to be re-qualified –following conversion or a retrofit for example – our customers again benefit from the seamless collaboration within Excellence United, which ensures that the re-qualification processes are particularly efficient and cost-effective. As a strategic partner providing consistent qualification processes, we can help you to protect your competitive edge – now and over the longer term – in a tightly regulated industry. Do you have any questions concerning your company’s specific needs and requirements? Please send an email to, your contact person will reply as soon as possible.