Worldwide employee training

manufacturing processes are core to safe and efficient production. These processes depend not just on the production equipment but also on the operators running it. Excellence United offers its combined and coordinated expertise to help her customers to provide their people with training when and where it’s needed. We can deliver training programs in other countries – in the local language and in our competence centers – with the same quality and standards that we apply at our own locations in Germany.

As you adapt your processes and machinery, training enables your employees to keep up with change, and helps minimize machine downtime, particularly in situations where new processing stages, machine control systems, guidelines, or maintenance requirements are introduced.

One-stop training shop

Maintaining a consistent level of knowledge in a global workforce is both a complex task and a sizable logistical challenge. Excellence United’s training academies, specialty workshops and professional conferences help increase the efficiency of your employee training. Our customers often find they can acquire the full gamut of knowledge and skills they need for their entire process chain in just a single step, regardless of the type of machinery they use.

Excellence United achieves this by creating tailored training programs with a cross-divisional focus that ensures synergy benefits and, importantly, continuous employee training worldwide as required by CFR or other guidelines. Contact us. We’ll identify the best training strategy to suit your local and global needs. Please send an email to, your contact person will reply as soon as possible.