Quicker to market

Excellence United customers get faster access to new process technologies. Our Product and Process Development arm specializes in developing and optimizing pharmaceutical dosage forms and the related manufacturing processes, completed by analytical characterization and stability testing. By collaborating closely, alliance members eliminate potential inefficiencies and carefully coordinate each of the stages and technologies in the development process.

Our FDA and EU-certified, GMP-compliant development and manufacturing units conduct everything from small-scale experiments to highly complex feasibility studies and comprehensive development projects for the manufacture of clinical trial samples and commercial products.

The entire development process under one roof

Our offering is modular as this affords customers exceptional flexibility. Excellence United can cover the whole of the work stream, from product development to plant installation. Excellence United is able to augment expertise if necessary, fill technical capacity shortfalls, and extend customers’ in-house resources to help achieve operation excellence, not just in tabletization but also in more specialized areas like multiparticulate systems or micro pellets. If required, the alliance’s member companies can also take on contract product manufacturing tasks, even on a large scale. Our experts in process and product development would be happy to assist with any questions you might have concerning your product requirements and can advise you on product and market strategy. Please send an email to service@excellence-united.com, your contact person will reply as soon as possible.