A single source for equipment planning

When it comes to equipment and machinery design and engineering, Excellence United offers you best-in-class consulting, production, delivery, and services for projects and turn-key solutions. We take an integrated approach to project management which unites the alliance partners and their strengths to ensure a successful and consistent realization of the project. You benefit from best-in-class solutions from an unprecedented pool of industry-specific knowledge and expertise.

Cooperation for successful implementation

At Excellence United, everyone works hand in hand. Together we share a wealth of experience acquired in over 50,000 projects worldwide. Our combined pool of knowledge and our integrated project management approach give us the breadth of expertise required to deliver solutions effectively and to smoothly plan and coordinate processes.

Additionally, the close collaboration between the Excellence United members enhances component compatibility and effective communication, which helps us to consistently hit cost and quality targets, reliably meet timelines, and to react to changes in the project specifications. The Excellence United partners all work together without marking up the prices from the other partners.

We would be pleased to discuss your specific requirements. Please send an email to service@excellence-united.com, your contact person will reply as soon as possible.