Cutting Time-to-Market

Glatt Process and Plant Engineering
Glatt Process and Plant Engineering

From greenfield sites to mass production

Excellence United offers market-leading development, production and packaging technologies and integration solutions for the enhancement, upgrading, modernization and new construction of industrial plants. Our approach to factory design and engineering focuses on the evolving landscape of pharmaceuticals production, marked by mounting cost pressures, growing competition from generics, expiring patents and increasingly stringent approval procedures. Uniting professional engineering with in-depth market and technology expertise, we offer our customers market-driven solutions spanning everything from initial ideas to finished, turnkey factories.

Best-in-class solutions from a single source

Excellence United delivers best-in-class solutions that offer users production capabilities to the highest quality standards. We align ourselves in equal measure with market needs and with production process requirements, including GMP and environmental regulatory compliance. This means we ensure maximum efficiency and profitability, streamlined processes for shorter times to market, and lower overall production costs.

Efficiency in every project phase

We can provide planning and design packages for specific project phases, or we can assume the role of lead planner or general contractor for entire projects. Excellence United’s teams of experts work closely during planning and delivery to make sure projects are handled smoothly and efficiently. They manage everything from technical procurement and expediting to punctual delivery and commissioning. You can find out more about the “Factory of the Future” if you send an email to Your contact person will reply as soon as possible.