Manufacturing quality products flexibly

Excellence United can offer customers flexible contract production services, both for the manufacture of commercial products and in situations where they need clinical trial samples, a scale-up or short-term overspill capacity. Our comprehensive expertise and capacity afford customers more than just greater flexibility: we also offer the quality of a best-in-class alliance, complete with proper ongoing process validation and documentation to international standards as required by the FDA and GMP.

Geared up for today's and tomorrow's challenges

Excellence United can support every stage of the product process, from market and product advice to development, production and packaging – on any scale, small or large. With Excellence United’s comprehensive production portfolio, companies can build on the strengths of a versatile partner capable of covering a full range of market requirements, not just now but in the future as well.

The dosage forms that we support include micro pellets, pellets, granules, tablets, filled hard gelatin capsules providing specific release profiles. Particular technologies and know-how to improve stability and bioavailability and to mask taste are offered. If you have any questions, please send an email to, your contact person will reply as soon as possible.