Productivity gains across the board

Production around-the-clock is typical in pharmaceutical manufacturing and the change-over times involved in the production of small batches leaves little leeway for fault correction. It also means that even minor factors can have major impacts. These factors could include cleaning, setup, down times due to capacity fluctuations caused by the production speed, and even quality issues such as weight, hardness, abrasion and general appearance.

Defining measurable targets

Excellence United enables companies to achieve comprehensive improvements in OEE levels by helping to optimize plant availability, machine performance and product and process quality. Building on careful analyses, our OEE experts recommend which production processes to refine, which new technologies to deploy, and which employees could benefit from training. We guide companies through the analysis and implementation processes, and – if the emphasis is on sustaining measures over the longer term – we’ll follow through with further analyses later on. The objectives of OEE consulting can be defined and measured in terms of specific efficiency gains, additional production and HR capacity, and lower production costs.

Tapping into value creation potential

Typically, the rates of increase in overall equipment effectiveness are around 20 percent, but they can be as high as 40 percent in some cases. To boost this potential, Excellence United conducts OEE analyses for the entire production process – not just for Excellence United machinery and equipment but for other manufacturers as well. That way we can assess the impacts of micro stoppages and surrounding influences, and identify bottlenecks caused which could be caused by outdated equipment or operator error for example. The analysis covers the entire material flow, from granule production to tabletting and final packaging.

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