Rapid support - worldwide

With its rigorous quality standards, vast production volumes and tight regulations, the pharmaceutical industry has extremely high expectations when it comes to after-sales service for plants and machinery. When problems arise, specialists need to be on hand to provide assistance – as quickly as possible, anywhere in the world. The Excellence United partners have developed a unique service offer to meet this need.

Rapid response with the Excellence United Service Portal

Production facilities are typically equipped with machinery from multiple suppliers – which means that users often have to contact more than one service team when problems occur. Excellence United offers a unique alternative. The Excellence United Service Portal, which is integrated directly into the machine control systems, allows users to contact the manufacturers directly – simply by pressing a button. At the same time, it provides a secure platform through which service teams can access machines to perform remote diagnostics and services, which avoids the loss of time required to travel on-site.

Real-time visual and audio communication

The Excellence United Service Portal also enables operators to identify and order replacement parts directly via the machine interface; it supports video conferences between experts to help solve problems; and it supports condition monitoring to optimize preventive and predictive maintenance.

OEE analyses and setup time optimization additionally help to make production more flexible. The Service Cockpit, an app that runs on laptops and tablet devices, lets users check and visualize a range of performance parameters.

Integrated service saves time and money

Excellence United’s integrated service features – particularly, the Excellence United Service Portal – mean less machine down time. They also provide cost savings through remote diagnostics and services, as well as significantly faster troubleshooting and correction. In addition, Excellence United has a network of more than 900 service professionals worldwide who provide customer support. Please send your queries to service@excellence-united.com, your contact person will reply as soon as possible.