In Memoriam – Werner Glatt, 4 July, 1922 – 25 August, 2014

Werner Glatt was an extraordinary man. This was underlined by the turnout of nearly 600 guests to his commemoration ceremony on September 5th, 2014. The ceremony was not only attended by employees of the company headquarters and delegations of other offices, but also by many citizens of Binzen. All these people came to say goodbye to an important entrepreneur, sponsor and honorary citizen of Binzen.
Many different aspects of Werner Glatt’s long life were touched on by the memorial speeches. Impressive stories and humorous anecdotes were told by people who together painted an impressive picture of Werner Glatt as an outstanding entrepreneur – a remarkable person with all of his peculiarities and strengths.
Memories of Werner Glatt, his personality and the group of companies he built up will be perpetuated by the machines in use all over the world which bear his name.