Achema Innovation Award

Excellence United Partners Awarded for Innovative Products and Solutions

The second day of the Achema exhibition ended with a huge success for Excellence United. In a festive ceremony, the most innovative products at the exhibition were awarded prizes. One winner was chosen from five shortlisted candidates in eight categories. About 100 companies had applied for an award, and two Excellence United partners were shortlisted: Bausch+Ströbel and Glatt GmbH.

One of the highlights: The TwinPro® system from Glatt GmbH, a world first, came out the winner in the “Pharmaceutical Engineering” category. The revolutionary, patent pending TwinPro® equipment unites two previously separate processes – high shear granulation and fluid bed drying – in a continuous batch process.

The revolutionary fusion of two processes into a single system allows to remove a complete machine unit, reducing investment costs in systems and building technology with maximum process efficiency. These benefits convinced the Achema award jury.

In the “Filling and Packing” category, Bausch+Ströbel had presented its modular VarioSys® production system and ranked among the top 5 candidates.

The modular VarioSys® system makes it possible to change over complete production lines for different processes within short time, e.g. from processing ampoules to filling pre-sterilized syringes loaded in nests. It is not without reason that VarioSys® has already been awarded on an international level.

At Achema, Bausch+Ströbel is presenting a newly developed VarioSys® machine module for handling ready-to-use (RTU) containers which automates the tub opening and RTU vial denesting processes. The fully automatic modules available so far had not covered all working steps.