Experience Days 2016 (Nov. 14-15, 2016)

“Nothing is impossible!“

For the third time in a row now, the Service work group invited their customers to the “Excellence United Experience Days“.

The name says it all: The intense exchange of experiences between the pharmaceutical customers and the ExU-partner companies is at the forefront. One of the main goals is to identify and implement the right measures from customer experiences and objectives in order to remain a competent partner for our customers. In turn, customers also get a better picture of the ExU partner companies.

After the first two events took place in Frankfurt, this time Nuremberg was chosen as a venue. The pre-event evening started with a joint cooking event at the Akademie der kochenden Künste (Academy of Culinary Art) in Fürth. This created a very special atmosphere. The relaxed get-together provided for the necessary “hands on“ approach among all participants for the event on the following day.

The next morning started with a short presentation about Excellence United as well as a review of the Experience Days in the years 2012 and 2014. Furthermore the topic of the event, “Erfolgsfaktor Weiterbildung” (Continuing Education as a Success Factor), was introduced.
The participants were introduced to the topic by the well-known mental and management coach Thomas Baschab. With the topic “Nothing is impossible“ he drew the participants under his spell. With simple, but very impressive practical examples, he demonstrated how people react to different situations and, in particular, how the subconscious mind plays a very important role in all our actions.

Subsequently, the “Continuing Education as a Success Factor“ was discussed intensely in various workshops and the results were presented in the plenum.

This successful high-quality event ended with a final discussion about the work results as well as an exchange on possible topics for the next Experience Days.